Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another Breakfast in Bed

The one good thing about having my birthday and wedding anniversary in the same month is that I get breakfast in bed not once but twice.

Today Daniel came in with a menu. ( I would love to post the picture of the menu but it will not work today!) Our choices were ceareal
You may make a combo breakfast out of any of the 4.
milk (strawberry or chocklate)
sunny d
grape kollade

I chose toast with a coke and Stephen chose a poptart with milk-plain. We also had an appetizer of cherrios which Anna was in charge of.
Daniel brought our plates to us, they were not adorned with anything special, I guess Samuel was too busy for cough drops and pickles this morning!
David was fired, but I was assured that it was a "cooperative firing". Apparently he did not want to be a part of this breakfast in bed.
My children-so sweet and kind!

Happy Anniversary honey! Although I know you don't read this blog. I love you!

Julie ps. all the incorrect spellings are intentional.


Beth Roberts said...

I love it!!! Julie, you and Stephen have had quite a life and such thoughtful children in your family!! I hope you have many many more!!

Beth Roberts

Anonymous said...

many more what?????


Green Acres said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, your kids are amazing! I love how they do breakfast in bed for you. So cute!