Friday, November 21, 2008

The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my extra fine, hard working, steady, duck loving, determined, fun-loving, birthday boy!
(And if he blows that duck call in the house one more time...He is going to be the dead duck!)



Trish said...

Is he in one of those camoflouged duck boats? I hope y'all have a wonderful and blessed birthday weekend! I have missed hearing from you....have you been busy? Have a good one!

Trish said...

You changed your picture! I like this one better so sweet...Okay..I promise I am not like stalking you...I came back to your blog to picture tag you! Jennifer A tagged me. You or Julie are suppose to post a picture from your 4th folder, and it is to be the 4th picture in that folder. Then tag 3 other bloggers. Thx!