Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun-no pictures

This past Friday night I headed to Cane Creek State Park with a cheerleader, a hunter and a soldier in my van. It was quite fun company.

In the 11 years that I have been a mother my children have never been trick-or-treating. We have gone to many a harvest party or fall festival but never going from place to place to get candy from willing strangers.

Every year at Cane Creek campers spend the whole month at the park and decorate for halloween. Then the park holds "Ghost Roast" and invites everyone to come and trick-or-treat the campsites, go on hayrides and play carnival games. It was great fun! The kids loved it.

We helped my friend Gay pass out candy. She had a huge Rubbermaid bucket full of candy, and we gave it all away. They said 5000 people came to the park that one night. WOW! Gay dressed up as a witch with blinking teeth. The kids loved her. I dressed up as myself. But believe it or not, some people thought I was her. Me, dressed up as a witch? Come on people! I don't dress my kids up, why would I dress up?

We stayed out there a long time-5 1/2 hours. We were tired and ready for bed when we got home. I even found out that I have a blog stalker right here in town. We talked about all the blogs we read and how strange it feels to know things that are happening in their lives and we don't "really" know them. I told her and will tell you, read this, laugh, cry, tell others. Abby and I only tell you what we want you to know. Don't think you are prying into our lives, we write this for your, as well as, our enjoyment.



Jennifer said...

I wonder if I had blinking teeth my kids would listen to me better? I may have to think about that.