Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meet Caden

Meet our newest family member, Caden. We were there when he was born and I most excited about that. It was a first for me. I always arrive after the babies in "my" family are born. It was an experience, to say the least. We had our ears peeled to the doorway and heard him when he entered the was so wild. All the guys literally ran to the end of the hall so they couldn't hear the noises and Kristen (Caden's soon-to-be aunt, come May, when she marries Caden's uncle Brandon)and I only wished we had access to a glass so we could hear better.

Caden is the son of Randall's cousin, Micah (and Caden is the new grandson of our faithful reader, Diana). Micah's wife, Tabby, was not due until Dec 15th. They both came to Jonesboro to go to the doctor for a check-up on Wednesday. I ate lunch with she and Micah before her appointment. She was feeling fine, looked good and we were all looking forward to turkey the next day. I then went home and began peeling potatoes in front of my sink, preparing for my T-Day feast and at about 2:30 I got a call that she was dilated to 5 and was being admitted to St. B (my hospital, of course) to have her baby. I dropped my knife in the sink. By 6:30-7:00, we had a baby. It caught everyone off guard. It sort of reminded me of the end of Steel Magnolias when they are all hunting eggs, enjoying the day and then she goes into labor.

Pray for Tabby and Micah as they begin parenthood. Pray for Tabby as she prepares for finals next week. She has to take them to pass this semester. God love her! Their life has changed in the blink of an eye.

I went to their house yesterday to hold the sweet little guy and he smiled at me...but I think he had gas!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the kind things you said about our family and yes Caden is precious. He is very much a nite owl and his mommy is moving so very slow. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Diana Rives

Posh Mommy said...

What a handsome boy!!!