Monday, November 17, 2008

Guess what they have in common

I had intended on posting a picture of an Ole Miss sweatshirt
a pair of Old Navy jeans(wide legged, really cute)
a red cable knit Duckhead sweater
a pair of brown Cole Haan shoes
but for some reason, I'm blaming blogger, but it could be my slow internet, it won't post.

Anyway, I was going to ask what those 4 things had in common. The answer is (actually 2 answers) they all came from my local resale shop and they all cost $4 or under! If the picture had posted you would have been much more impressed that I got all 4 items for $8. The most expensive item, get this, were the jeans. Not the shoes, they cost $2.00 and look brand new, the label on the inside of the shoe isn't worn at all. Truly amazing.

Abby and I talk often about loving a sale, so I thought I would share an example of my cheapskate finds. So, if any of you living in my town took those above mentioned items to A&E's, I say thank you!

ps.. I saved $19.65 in coupons at Walmart last week!



hsmomma5 said...

I love A&E's--but I never seem to make it past the books!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! You and your cousin Sarah are the ultimate shoppers! She loves a good sale, too!

Like winning the lottery!!


Trish said...

That sounds like my kind of deal! WOO HOO!

Green Acres said...

Girl, the next time I go to A&E's I'm taking you with me! I guess I'd better follow you to Walmart too. You're good at finding the deals. I'm impressed!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

yay julie! never heard of a and e's though..

however, i did start on a mad coupon kick this week. have saved $25 on various things! wahoo! :)

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

BTW - Will you send me your email address? I have something I need to contact you about. :))