Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ain't No Business Like Show Business

This is my friend Ron White, driving the tractor (Kenny, the videographer is the one on the hood). Ron and his wife were dear friends of our family when I was little. They lived across the street from us. They now live in Jonesboro.
Ron was gracious enough to be "free talent" for our new St. Bernards hospice commercial . Yes, he played a dying farmer...I of course did not tell him this until after he arrived! He said he hoped it was not a foreshadowing of things to come. Since he is not a farmer, I think he is safe to go on about his business.
It was a beautiful day to be outside shooting the video. Our paid actress from Memphis ended up being someone I knew from years past. It was old home week out on the range, that is for sure!
I am so thankful for Ron and his willingness to help us out with the commercial. We could not have paid a better actor. Wow!



Trish said...

That is cool! Your job sounds fun...although I am sure that it isn't "all" the time.

Sisters said...

I wish I had been there to see Ron in action. He is one of my most favorite men!

Lindsey Watson said...

lol!!! abby, only you would leave a post like this! :)