Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A dream come true

Samuel is playing football. He has wanted to play football for the last two years and I haven't allowed it. Not because I'm scared of him getting hurt but because they play on Saturdays.
10-12 Saturdays in the fall.
I just don't like giving up the possibilities that Saturdays hold.
He has been asked to play on a team that has 2 tournaments this month. Its a new team and he is so excited. After his first practice he wore his shoulder pads and mouthpiece around the house the rest of the day. He is excited!!!
He is practicing at quarterback and can hardly contain his emotion about that. I have taken it upon myself to help squelch the emotion a bit. There is no need to have to order a larger size helmet because he can't keep the size of his head in check!
I'm excited for him too. I've always said my favorite sport was whatever my children were playing at the time, but football is really my favorite sport of all. I love it! And now I can love it because my son is playing! YAY for me!!
It does mess up my Thanksgiving plans quite a bit but I will get over it I'm sure.
So if you have a big dream about something you want to do, and you keep being told NO! maybe one day soon your dream will come true like Samuels. I have been praying about something since May and am pretty sure that God has other plans for me but I am still praying about it. And when he shuts the door I will stop dreaming and hoping for it to happen. God's will is for the best after all!



Anonymous said...

Never quit hoping, dreaming, and praying!

Love you,