Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Newcomer

If you click on this, it will enlarge. I blacked my last name out for all the stalkers out there. I wish them not to hunt me down and kill me, rob me or ask for my John Hancock.
This is me in the December issue of the Jonesboro Occasions Magazine. I was one of the 2 newcomers highlighted, this month. This picture was taken at my desk. I am mad because they edited my motto and it looks like I do not know my scripture real well. I said "Count it all joy" and they added "as" in there. Great stuff. Oh well, means the same thing, I reckon.
I guess Randall and I have reached the top of the heap. We are in both "who's drinking now" (the slang name for the social mags in J-Town) magazines more than once this month. I realized today, I truly can't wear my new Burgundy velvet jacket to both Christmas parties this week, as I had planned, for fear of being documented at 2 events in the same outfit. Heavens. Yes, it is like social club days at OBU, all over again! so pathetic and a tad bit self-absorbed, really. We are having fun though, and I guess that is what matters.
P.S. "My Business" section cracks me up. The "ALWAYS" thing is a big part of our brand at the hospital. Being in PR/Marketing; I had to use it. I am a nerd.


Jennifer said...

That's really neat and a great picture Abby! The only time I'm in the paper or a magazine is if I'm accidently in the background. :-)

Anonymous said...

Proud of you, as always, Ab. But I just want you to be sure and know that the stalker will probably we interested in robbing or killing you...not asking you for your autograph. Just wanted to make sure you understand his motives. Ha !
Love you,