Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Post of Christmas Memories

I found some random pictures and thought I would post a few. I love Christmas memories and these pictures flood my heart and mind with lots of good times.
Christmas Morning at Granny's 1985
I love this picture for lots of reasons. One is that Granny's hands and sweet little lap are in the corner of this picture. It melts my heart to see those hands. She was our great-grandmother. She died when I was in the 8th grade. Then, my sister who was super cool and in high school, is sitting in the other corner. I love Mama in this picture. She is passing out the presents. This is how she is pictured in my heart. Then there is Uncle Mike with the beard. My most favorite part is Sarah, Zach and me sitting on the organ bench in deep thought about the presents in our laps. Something that really catches my eye for the first time is the cards taped to the wall. Would you look at all those cards Granny got in the mail? She was loved big time! What a precious picture.

Christmas 1996 with Melissa

Yep, I loved a bow...and the bigger the better. Melissa always came over Christmas night to exchange gifts with me. Gifts are my love language but it is not her love language. She always gave me great gifts, despite it not being her "thing". We 2 girls were a mess and we still are! I now go to her house when I am home at Christmas and see her boys, exchange gifts and gab for hours.

Cabbage Patch Christmas 1985

My Daddy and me. I remember this picture being taken. I told him exactly how to pose and gave him the blonde baby because I liked the dark headed one the best. I am partial. I got both of those dolls for Christmas that year. One from Santa and one from my Meemaw & Peepaw. Santa Kathy now tells me she fought for that doll in the store with some other lady. Much appreciated. Anyway, my Granny made clothes for them both. They had robes, gowns, hats, etc. They dressed really well. I love that in this picture Daddy was just getting his white spot in his hair...too funny!

Our First Married Christmas 2003

Julie was pregnant with Sissy (Anna) and Rand and I were about to celebrate 1 year of marriage. It was a big year!



Posh Mommy said...

I enjoyed your memories. That makes me want to go dig out old Chirstmas pictures!

Anonymous said...

Well, Kid, the white spot is long gone. The entire head is white now ! Yes, I do seem to remember your Mom wresting some other woman for the doll. Too funny !!!!
Love ya,