Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Christmas Time

Yea!! It's officially Christmas on our blog.
Abby has had her Christmas tree up for a couple of weeks and mine is bought and lying in the back of Stephen's truck waiting to be put in a stand and decorated. Our houses are looking like Christmas, and thanks to holiday tea and mulled cider candles, smelling like Christmas. We just love this time of year, no matter what I might say that would lead you to think otherwise.
SO,I asked Abby to make the blog look and sound Christmas(y) and she did it! She even got up an hour early and sat in a cold room to do it. What a girl!
I say that to say this: Not all of the music that you will be hearing through your speakers and playing in your head is Sisters approved. There are a few songs that I like, but not ALL of them. The Dolly Parton song would not have been on my list of favorite Christmas songs and neither would the Alan Jackson song. BUT, since I don't know how to make any changes on this blog of ours I will not complain any longer. Well, not on here anyway! LOL!
Enjoy the Christmas music. Enjoy the Christmas season. Enjoy knowing the truth that God sent His Son, Jesus to earth so that we, just normal people, may have everlasting life! How great is that?



Sisters said...

"I'LL BE HOME WITH BELLS ON, I'LL BE HOME WITH BELLS ON....." GirL, don't be dissing on the tunes, now. I want you to know at 6:05 am, I was laughing outloud in my cold room at the thought of your reaction to, "I'LL BE HOME WITH BELLS ON, I'LL BE HOME WITH BELLS ON..." I.Love.it!

Trish said...

You girls crack me up! I needed a good laugh today! I have to say I had never heard Dolly & Kenny's song, "I'll have bells on", and found it quite comical!! I am still laughing! Love it!

Lindsey Watson said...

let me start off my saying i LOVE dolly parton!! "i'll be fine and dandy. it's like a hard candy christmas..." so good.

i love the new blog. so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girls... you are just the best!

Love you both! Merry Christmas!!