Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Newcomers Christmas party

My first Newcomer friends - Melissa and Stacee.
I feel like I have known them forever.
My friend Paula. She makes me laugh outloud.

I love my new friends I have meet through the Newcomers Club. I am the VP for the Newcomers in 2009. I am a sucker, I reckon. Anyway, I wore my purple jacket again and feel like I got my wear out of it this season. I shall retire it to the closet or let my sister borrow it for the rest of the season. Only family parties left for me and that excites me. I can wear a sweatshirt and be, that is my kind of party!


Trish said...

This Newcomer Club is interesting to me. So, is it like the "Welcome Wagon" they have here? It sounds more like a social club. Merry Christmas! Love the jacket!

Melissa Southerland said...

Glad you had fun at your party and they you are meeting so many new friends. Love ya!