Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elfing Around

This is the elf suit I have to wear to our employee childrens Christmas party at the Malco on Saturday morning. Those without children wear costumes...I need to get me a baby, I tell ya!

I am helping with the Santa photos, so of course, I am an elf. I am dreading those tights and the shoes...should be a good 4 hours of total humiliation and fun!



Trish said...

YOu are going to be so cute! Post pictures!

Emily said...

I am laughing at the thought! I'm with Trish...must post pictures! I also agree with you...get you a baby!

Posh Mommy said...

Please take some pictures so we all can join you in the Christmas joy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ab... remember when I wore the elf suit in the Fort Smith Christmas parade. I'll certainly never forget it. That was Mr. Herneich's idea. Boy, want I wouldn't do for a Christmas bonus from that old Hebrew.
Love you,