Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with my Rand

I always wrap his presents so pretty...he of course forgets to put bows and name tags on mine.
I love him anyway!
He posed liked this on purpose in order to look "sexy" as he showed of his new wedding ring. Not sure he achieved his goal with this one...he is still cute though.
This is a Willow Tree Christmas and it excites me. These are the 2 he got me. One is for our new home and the other is for the happiness I attempt to bring into our home. He is super thoughtful.

We always go eat somewhere nice and exchange our gifts to each other before we head to the Fort each year. It makes our gift giving more personal and we are able to enjoy our gifts for a bit, before we have to pack up and leave. I hated doing it this way the first couple of years (it was all Rand's idea), but I have grown to look forward to it.



Anonymous said...

You and Randall are both keepers !
Connie and I enjoyed our visit with the two of you tremendously.
I'm sorry but Aunt Babs still holds top spot as having the coldest guest bedroom in captivity. You are in second place! Hope you have a great Christmas at "The Fort". Best dang place I've ever lived..that's for sure.
Love you,

Posh Mommy said...

Have a safe trip and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lindsey Watson said...

so, randall's "sexy look" is a look of sadness and depression?? hmmm....it's a wonder you can ever keep your hands off him. ;) lol!!

hope your holidays were blessed! we missed you at the Watson home!