Monday, October 6, 2008

He Really is Cute

Tonight I am reminded how blessed I am to call this man my husband. Not only is he cute, he is the most talented person I know. If you don't know my Rand...I wish you did. It is almost my bed time and I am still home alone. He is out working on farm equipment in the dark, with a smile. I love that about him. Oh, and did I mention that he really is cute?

Sometimes I get so hungry for a hug. I love hugs. I don't have anyone else here to hug me (no Carolyn, no Mama, no Babs, no Daddy). I know I smother him with hugs but I can't help it. I fear one day he is going to duck and scream "stop the hugging" but I kinda think he needs them and likes them as much as me. Oh, and did I mention that he really is cute?

As he works long hours this time of year and works on our new home in his cherished free time, I realize how glad I am he is mine. His smile, excitement for life, conviction and level head make me a more balanced person. Oh, and did I mention the he really is cute?

Yes, he is real. He doesn't like when I buy him soft apples and put them in with his lunch, or forget to turn the air up in the morning before I leave for work, or when I run through a mud puddle and dirty my car, or fail to put bleach in with his whites, or get the mail as I come up the drive...but I love him for the passion he gets about the little things in life. And if you know my Rand you know how passionate he can get about the simple things! Oh, and did I mention that he really is cute?



Posh Mommy said...

Abby, I happy for you and your cute man! Here is a hug from me.


Anonymous said...

You don't think he's cute or anything do you :) You did marry a cutie and a really nice guy.

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey, Abster....Don't know if you ever noticed or not...but Randall is really cute

Anonymous said...

I so agree with all of the comments above. Is he really that CUTE??????
Hugs from the farm