Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mighty to Save-update on One of THOSE days

This afternoon I took the kids to the Veterans Memorial Park. I listened to my ipod while I read and watched the kids play on an old army tank. They were having a war of their own on that tank-a pinecone war. I could hear their laughter through the loud music in my ears.
I listened to Laura Story sing Mighty to Save twice. I love that song. I've been singing parts of it for God is MIGHTY TO SAVE....(just imagine!) I sat listening and prayed, telling God that I wanted to soak Him up. You know what I mean? Just listen to His words, allow Him to speak to me.
As I began reading a book I had just checked out at the library, this sentence was there....Jesus you are MIGHTY TO SAVE. I sat at that picnic table with tears running down my face. The breeze that was making me wish for a jacket stopped and I felt the warm sun on my face.
I felt like I had had a moment with my God. My God who is MIGHTY TO SAVE.
It has been such a day and He met me right where I was. At a picnic table at a park where I was having a self-pity kind of day.
Thank you God, for listening, answering and being MIGHTY TO SAVE.



Sisters said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You amaze me girl! We all have days like that and it just makes us all feel better to see how He worked it all out for you. Reminds us all to look UP when we 'have one of those days'. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

You are something special, Jules.
I'm glad the "GOD WHO IS MIGHTY TO SAVE" is the same GOD WHO MADE ME YOUR DAD. I can assure you that I'm the one who is the better person because of it. I love you.
P.S. Hard to believe but as I type this I hear on radio in background the song, "Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me?" (I already know the answer to that).