Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ornament 4-1-1

OK, I don't think I will sell the ornaments. Shipping glass ornaments, individually, around the globe does not excite me in the least bit. If you want to come to Jonesboro, I can hook you up with one for $10.

So, how did I make them, you ask?
I went to Hobby Lobby and bought:
1 box of clear balls (the craft kind) - $3.99,
sequins -$1-$2 a bag (I got 4 different bags),
feathers - $2 a bag (I got 2 colors/bags),
tacky glue - $3,
craft ribbon- $6 (3 rolls),
glitter glue - $2
...and went to town! I have some green ball ornaments that I plan on working with this week. I will post them when I get finished. Anyway, the supplies will last me FOREVER.

I plan to give these as little gifts to different ones on my guest list...and of course, put some on my tree!

I hope this helps spark your craftiness...and yes, if you want me to make you a whole box for $50 and ship them, we can talk!



Trish said...

Thanks for the insight. I loved those. It sounds like fun. My sister is suppose to come up next week..that sounds like something she and I would enjoy doing together.

Green Acres said...

Thanks for sharing the how-to!