Friday, October 3, 2008

I Can be Random Too

Last night I went to the new beauty school in town. It is rather posh for a beauty school. I will visit this one again, instead of the others. I love doing a little sociology examination on these girls. Wow. After 3 hours, my grey was covered up and my hair was thinned out. She ran out of time to do my trim. Yes. 3 hours and no trim. It only cost $45 for a color, highlight and a thin...I really can't complain. If you can deal with a little color on your face, crude commentary between the gals and a SLOW process, you can do beauty school...actually you can do most any beauty shop.

We had a mum fairy at our house. I had no idea who left yellow mums on our porch yesterday. There was a little note with them, but no name. You know me and my "thank yous". I approached both neighbors to find that neither had done such a thing. They were slightly embarrassed that they hadn't. I was slightly embarrassed that I had put them on the spot.
Come to find out, it was Diana! She says I have to get them in the ground or she is coming back to get them. No Indian giving!

We are going to visit our old neighbors/friends this weekend and eating at our most favorite place in the free world. I am saving up my calories/Points for the big feast.

I had a stomach virus on Wednesday. I am not expecting...I promise.


Anonymous said...

That Jack O Lantern is really gross, but I guess it's random. I love it that I stumped you. I should have held out a little longer and let you keep guessing.
Love you lots

Anonymous said...

I am certainly glad it was Diana that left the jack o lantern.
I would hate to think real fairies are coming to visit you and Randall Wayne.
Yo Daddy

Sisters said...

Ok, Daddy: Diana gave the yellow mums, not that pumpkin. That pumpkin is a stock photo. are killing me! :)

Posh Mommy said...

Abby, you have some gray hair? You better plant the mums instead getting your trim.

Sisters said...

Yes, Amanda Ann, I am gray all around my face line. I am 30 and is so sad. Thank goodness for Matrix hair color, honey child.

Meredith said...

That may be the single most disturbing jack-o-lantern I've ever seen! :) Love your blog - what a fun idea! Hope all is well with you!

Meredith (Taylor) Roberts