Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the kitchen today....

I'll let you in on a little secret.... I don't like to cook.

I should as much as I have to do it, but I don't enjoy it. Today though I have done quite a bit of cooking.
For breakfast I made each male child an omelet (Anna just wanted scrambled eggs.) For lunch I made macaroni and cheese and hot dogs (all beef ones!) and for supper I have made a chicken pot pie.

Oh yes, I am a cooking machine.

And so that maybe my kids would pick up a love for cooking we made the 5 minute chocolate cake in a mug. Here is the recipe: 4 T flour
4 T sugar
2 T cocoa
1 egg
3 T milk
3 T oil
a splash of vanilla extract
Mix in a bowl and then transfer ingredients to a greased coffee mug, microwave for 3 minutes
and you have an oddly shaped chocolate cake. ENJOY!!!
I let each child make his/her very own cake. They loved it! They made a mess, I cleaned it up and they ate their cakes. Such fun for all of us!

I made banana bread Sunday, 2 loaves. From scratch! We also had a roast and potatoes. Last night I made Aunt Janet's famous sweet and sour chicken, it was delicious!!!!!!!! I had Stephen stop at the chinese restaurant and pick up egg rolls and rice.
I can't do it all people!!!!

For tomorrow night I have already boiled chicken and made my own broth so that we can have a yummy chicken tortilla soup.
Am I on a cooking roll (HA, a roll! I wonder if it is hot and buttered?) or what?

So, what are ya'll cooking?



hsmomma5 said...

Mmmm...that 3 minute chocolate cake is exactly what I have needed this week for this unusually insatiable sweet tooth I have!

Doesn't it make you feel good to be so productive in the kitchen? I know it makes me feel that way. I love doing "planned overs"--like getting three different uses from a ham and stuff like that.

Tonight my man is at the grill and I need to go whip up something to go with it. I have not motivated myself to go to the grocery store yet this week so I am having to be creative! I also baked a cake mix cake this afternoon--again for this unusual sweet tooth! (Not sure what is up with that--it's not the norm for me...)

Green Acres said...

I made a "New Jersey Crumb Cake" today. The chocolate cake in a mug sounds really good. I think we'll try that tomorrow. I like to cook and bake, as long as I have on hand what I need. I don't cook as often as I'd like, mostly I just fix quick and easy suppers, but when I have time, I like to try new recipes, and I love watching Food Network, and using recipes from their shows, especially "Everyday Italian" - it's my favorite!

Sisters said...

What are you on? This is so out of character for you. I am impressed.

Melissa Southerland said...

I've been cooking a lot more lately too. Monday night we had quiche which was sooo yummy and last night we had chicken pot pie and brown betty's :) Sam wasn't too big on the chicken pot pie but I thought it was good. I think it's the cooler weather. I always like to cook more in the winter than in the summer. I don't know why though!