Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Better Place

The hydrangea bush that Ms. Rochelle (my neighbor in Byhalia) bought for me is dead.

The people who bought our old home are not able to keep up the demanding yard. It was so sad to drive up in her driveway, look over at my old yard and see my beautifully manicured flowerbeds over grown with grass and weeds. All my bushes and tress were dead or dying. Randall was quick to remind me that those were not my flowers, bushes or trees and to "get over it"! He was/is right. (Men....I need not say more.)

After a WONDERFUL visit to the "hell-yeah" (as we affectionately call our old home place) to visit our sweet neighbors and surrogate parents, I realized... we are in a better place. Though there is lack of history with most people here (with the exception of the White's) and lack of familiarity and friendly faces, I trust it will all change with time. The possibilities of a nice life here are plenty.

I left Fort Smith in 2001 for an internship at ALSAC/ St. Jude, and never returned to live in the at home again. As much as I LOVE the Fort, I don't look back with regret. I love the places God has put me and the people He has put in my path. I now understand that I am not looking back at this move with regret either. I sometimes think I was trying to, and really, there is no need to force something that is not there.

Thank you God for moving us, changing us, molding and shaping us into more well-rounded people.



Trish said...

It was good to read this. I was kind of having movers remorse...then you reminded me that it is God who moves us not ourselves. It is evident that we are meant to be where we are, but it is also easy to want to go back. I am learning that I have contentment issues, but am working through them. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this blog. It shows me how you have grown and what a wonderful woman you have become. Sometimes growing up and moving on to new things can be hard, but you have done well my daughter.


Anonymous said...

It is down right amazing that you would write such a blog because last night I was thinking along the same lines as you.
I am glad God has moved me "back home" and I know I am where he wants me. But, at the same time, I would never give anything for the 30 something years I spent at "The Fort". Couldn't think of a better place to rear you two girls and it will always be, without a doubt, the bestest place I ever lived. But, I'm back where I'm supposed to be and I know you and Jules are where God wants the two of you.
Love you both so very much.