Monday, October 20, 2008

Accident in the Field

Rand just called me in hysterics. His co-worker just got his hand stuck in an auger and they are at the ER. He has lost most all the flesh off his hand. I almost lost my dinner because I thought it was Rand who was hurt when I first picked up the phone. My hand is cramping up thinking about it.
Farm equipment is so dangerous, especially when you work 14 hour days, 7 days a week during harvest. They are all so tired. Please pray for Jay. Pray that he will not hurt too badly or be scared.

Update: Just came back from the ER (The "other" ER. I dressed in ballcap, glasses and jacket in hopes to not be noticed. The hospital political war in this town is fierce). Jay still has his hand. They have him in surgery now. Rand is very worked up about it all. He was the only one there when it happened and drove him to the ER. Pray for Randall, if you will. He is so tenderhearted.



Lindsey Watson said...

wow....that is crazy. i hope that the man is doing ok. and i'm so sorry that randall had to be there to witness it. i'm sure that wasn't easy at all. i'm praying for them both!