Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Mama's Love

Isn't our Mama the cutest!
(This is her in Montreal, last week on "Holiday")
(Julie made the apron she is wearing in this picture.
She was with us in spirit)

Mama fried Rand his favorite meal tonight, in our new kitchen. Fried Pork Chops, fried potatoes, green beans, salad, brown & serve rolls and a yummy Carmel pumpkin pie. I loved having her cook in my kitchen. I love when she visits.
She came to visit on Friday and is leaving in the morning. This was her first visit to our new home. We have had a busy, fast, fun and event-filled weekend.

More on a Mama's love, tomorrow. Only a mother & mother-in-law who loves me BIG would do what they did on Saturday...



Jennifer said...

Isn't a mother's food just so comforting!? I love it. By the way, from the little I see of your kitchen, it looks very nice.