Friday, October 10, 2008

11 Years Ago

Samuel's weekend in Byhalia - 2005

Driving my Cavalier at Marmie's house -1999

...this young man made me an aunt.
His only aunt. His favorite aunt (yes, I know TBEO -YFA, DoJo -YFA & Babs, you are great aunts...chill!)
I was so excited the Spring weekend Jules & Stephen came home to tell us she was having a baby. They told us at Tallino's with a decorated cake. I was 19, a freshman in college and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, to be an aunt. There are so many special memories we have made together. He did not have to share me for 3.5 years. He was a lucky boy, I tell ya!

Mama & I kept him a few days after Christmas in 1998 and when we went to take him back to Julie he clung to me for dear life and called me "Mama". Julie did not speak to me for a week! She even cried and cut the reunion short. It was so comical, really.
I visited them a lot on weekends when I was in college. He loved for me to read him a book before his nap on Sunday afternoons. It was the highlight of our little visits.
He loved riding in the car. He would sing at the top of his lungs. His favorite was "People get ready, Jesus is coming, soon we'll be going home!" He would close his eyes and over pronounce every word. And "home" was sung in a way you would just have to hear for yourself. All his songs sounded just like "People Get Ready" was his his special little "Samuel tune". So funny, that boy. Every time Jules & I hear that song we sing "Samuel style". I love it.
He was the ring bearer in my wedding ( He was Sa's too...and she could tell you some funny tales) and quiet the little turkey. I love watching the video. The pillow is lucky it had any stuffing left in it after all the twirling he did. I love watching Julie & Stephen's faces on the altar. Julie was my Matron of Honor and Stephen officiated. It is positively hilarious. Even Rand's Dad (The Best Man) rested his hands on Sambo's little shoulders....and that is when the pillow stopped. I love that! Thanks to my wonderful cousin-in-law's (Sa's hubby) videography work and love for Samuel, my wedding video is ALL Samuel. Thanks, kid!
A funny little memory of Samuel was when Jules brought all 3 boys to visit my apt, my senior year of college. They drove up and Samuel was just beside himself and said " Does Aunt Abby live in a motel"? They then came inside and he had a look of "wow" on his face and he said, with pure excitement, "Man, this is the nicest motel I have ever seen." (If you ever saw that apt, you would laugh at this)

His face is one of my most favorite faces. I sometimes sit and picture his face and it makes me giggle and smile from ear to ear. His chubby little cheeks and smile could melt my heart in an instant when he was a little boy. He still melts my heart when I hear him laugh at me on the phone. I love making him laugh. I wish all of you could hear his laughter. It is like he sings when he laughs. He is such a happy boy. A growing, loving, healthy, smart, Godly, happy. birthday. boy!

Happy 11th Birthday, Sambo!
I am so glad God has let me be your only & your favorite aunt for 11 years.



Susan Pruitt said...

Ethan say happy birthday Sam! We miss you! We will be in Star City in about a week and we will try to come by.

Jules, go to my blog and see how my week went. You will know why I didnt have time to blog. I will do better I promise!

My hat goes off to you my fellow homeschooler teacher!

hsmomma5 said...

I have one nephew who is three and I feel just like you do about Samuel. It was such familiar reading! I tell him he is my sixth child.

Happy Birthday Samuel!