Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random thoughts

  • Just a few random thoughts. (just between us, random thoughts are much easier for me then writing-don't tell Abby)
  • Our mom is in Montreal. I'm so hoping she picks up a cute French phrase to teach the kids!
  • There is a cat stuck in one of our pine trees. No, it is not ours! Apparently it has been up there since sometime in the night (it is now 4:00 Wed afternoon.) She won't come down, so if you have any hints on how to get a cat down please let me know!
  • Last night's style show went really well. The models did an excellent job. They were all beautiful, and did such a good job of walking, or strutting, down the runway. Thank you for your prayers. I spoke on being beautiful on the outside, but having ugliness(like bitterness, anger, grief, etc.) on the inside. And how God wants to exchange the ugly for beauty. I'm praying my message got across and didn't sound preachy or like I was better than anyone.
  • I found out that when I am speaking to a group of people and all eyes are on me, that I forget to breathe. Which is really bad, because then my throat gets weird and I sound like I'm trying to catch my breath. I do this in all sorts of situations but tend to forget about it after the situation has passes. I really, I mean REALLY, need to practice breathing. (Need I tell you that Stephen and I almost got kicked out of childbirth classes the night of the breathing exercises? No? I didn't think so!)
  • Abby is sick today. She threw up 5 times today at work. She was in a meeting and had to keep getting up to go throw up. GROSS!!!!!!! She went home thankfully! I bet Randall is counting his blessings that he is working long hours this week!
  • Samuel's birthday party is Saturday. We are having a wienie roast and of course s'mores. If you want to come, you are invited!!!! Come on!
  • Kmart is doubling coupons up to $2.00 until the 5th. So, if couponing gives you a high (like it does me. I told Stephen this excited me as much as this being the opening day of hunting season does him!) then head to Kmart!!

I hope you have a great Wednesday night. AWANA here we come!!!



Posh Mommy said...

Hmmm. . . . Could Abby be pregnant? Julie, Hi I am Amanda. I am sure you have heard about me. I am gald your fashion show went well.


Sisters said...

Abby had a migraine that in turn caused her to throw up. Nothing cooking up in this oven, I am sure of that.

Anonymous said...

Only "The Abster" would use a phrase like "Nothing Cooking Up In This Oven". Sorry you're sick, Kid.


Anonymous said...

I never doubted that you would "knock 'em Dead" with your talk, Jules.


Susan Pruitt said...

Love the new background! And we would love to the birthday party but, WE CANT :( cause we are missionaries and travel every Sunday over the whole state of Arkansas. So, tell Sam we said happy birthday!

hsmomma5 said... THAT'S how you saved so much at KMart today!

Didn't get to say bye to you guys today~hope you enjoyed yourselves!