Monday, October 6, 2008

Birthday Bonfire

We had Samuel's birthday party Saturday night. We had to have it a week early so that his friends could come.
Friends coming to your birthday party is the biggest reason to have a party after all.
Everyone he invited came.
aside: I really dread birthday parties. I always fear that no one will show up and my
child will be crushed.
And they all brought presents. Presents for an 11 year old boy no longer include gift wrap. Just a card, envelope and money. Sometimes a card isn't even necessary, just an envelope and money. It is easy to please an 11 year old boy!!

So, here are the highlights of the party (in list form because I LOVE A LIST!)
  • We had a huge bonfire!!! It would make any boy scout proud.
  • 2 kids threw up. One in the yard, and one somewhere in the street ( I didn't go looking for it)
  • The boys played flag football, and can't tell you which team won. I think that is a good sign.
  • We had 13 kids people at the party, roasted 38 hot dogs, a bag of marshmallows, consumed 3 Hershey bars, 2 packs of graham crackers, 2 bags of chips, one pound of cheese dip, six 2 liter drinks (this could explain the throwing up)
  • The boys rode all of our bikes and scooters (even Anna's Dora bike and princess scooter),around our block many times.
  • They also did the "ding and ditch." You know where a cute little innocent 11 year old boy goes up to a house rings the doorbell and then runs away.
  • I made Samuel's birthday cake. Yes, I know. While standing in the cake mix aisle at the grocery store Thursday looking at brownie mixes, Samuel says (with excitement) "you're going to make my birthday cake?" So, I made him his request. A white cake with white buttercream icing. I didn't have 2 cake pans that were the same size, so the cake was doomed for failure once I noticed, while I was icing, that one was bigger than the other. So I went to the store looking for sprinkles, and found none. NONE. So I bought Skittles. Decorated the sides of it with them and then made an S on top of the cake. Because you know Skittles have an "S" on them, for Samuel.

Those are the birthday highlights. I'm sorry for those of you that couldn't make it. Which I believe would be everyone that reads this. If you read this and were at the party please let me know!!! It was great fun.



hsmomma5 said...

So where is the picture of the cake? Or any pictures for that matter? (Except for the excitement of kids throwing up, of course. Thank you for not sharing any photos of that....). :)

Sounds like he had a great party!

Sisters said...

It is so sad that his Aunt Abby could not make him a cake, but I am so thrilled you thought of the Skittles. Very creative. I do rub off on you a little. That makes me happy, big sister!

He has homemade baseball cookies in the mail from Aunt Abby, for his birthday. I couldn't ship an iced cake. I love tht boy!