Friday, October 24, 2008


For Real. On Tuesday night I stood at the ice machine and grinned real big thinking about Saturday morning and having no alarm to greet me. That is sad. I realized I have indeed, reached adulthood.
Rand's co-worker has now had 2 hand surgeries and is on the mend. Time will only tell if he will have full mobility. Because of the accident they are not working like they were. That is a blessing. He is not working on Saturday nor after dark tonight. That thrills me.
Rand and I went to a black tie event for the hospital last night that was a lot of fun. I will post about it when I get a picture of it from my photography friend. I want you to see my man in his very own tux...and of course me in my gold velvet dress that Rand proclaimed looked like a curtain. What a dear heart.
My house is a mess and I have laundry out the wazoo, I best get on it. I intend to craft a bit this weekend if I can get my chores done in time. I am craving some craft time. I have not yet crafted in this new house. I have ornaments to make.


Jennifer said...

There are some very pretty curtains out there so I bet your dress looks very nice! (I'm sure that's what your husband meant anyway.)