Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm not crafting

I said crafting, not crafty. I can be crafty too, but not very often.

I am still in Bentonville. I came up to northwest Arkansas Sunday afternoon. I met cousin Sarah and went to her house. It is amazing. First, the drive to her house was beautiful. Being fall, the trees were changing colors, falling from the trees and swirling on the street before us as we drove up the curving road. She has a log cabin house. Ok, so it isn't a log cabin, its a log house and a beautiful one. It is my kind of place. Just beautiful. Sarah, Brandon, Grace and Molly were gracious hosts.

The ministers wives luncheon went very well, better than my dreams/nightmares. I once dreamed that 12 people came and the chicken wasn't done. But we had 39 preachers wives there and the chicken wasn't only done, but tasted delicious. I am so honored to have been a part of that day.

Today, while Stephen went and attended to Baptist state convention business, the kids and I went and had a mini-vacation day. We walked through the Wal-mart museum. I figured as much money as I spend there, and as much as I sing their praises, I should at least go and see the humble beginnings of such a fabulous store! We then took off for ice skating. The Jones Center in Springdale offers free swimming and free ice skating. If you are ever up here, take them up on their gift. It was such fun. We skated for 3 hours. Our plan was to skate just one session(1 1/2 hours) but they were loving it so much we stayed for both sessions. We even ate lunch there(not free.) We really enjoy concession stand type food, and that is what we had. Such fun!

For dinner we met up with Stephen and Laura Ann. Man, I just love that girl. She is a freshman at the U of A. It was so good to see her, I miss her. We didn't get to eat with Megan. Not because we didn't want to, but because we had to eat like old people at the early bird dinner. She had a class until 6 and we needed to eat by 5:00. I'm sure Laura Ann will be needing to eat again before she calls it a night!

OK, so now that you are thoroughly bored and wishing you hadn't read this (thats saying that anyone would read all of this, those that did? Thanks!) I'll sign off.

Home tomorrow!!! YAY!!!


Sisters said...

I am so glad you had safe fun while ice skating. I was worried it would be bad when you called and asked me to pray for you, before you took all 4 kids in to skate by yourself. Whew.

Green Acres said...

Sounds like you had a good time. I had no idea there was a walmart museum. Hope to see you and your crew tomorrow!

Susan Pruitt said...

You know I was just kidding right? Look at me, now I am feeling guilty about giving you a hard time. Ok.....glad that you are having fun in NW Arkansas. Sure is different that LA (lower arkansas lol) I didnt know that you could skating for free there and we are up there a lot. I will keep that in mind. Have a great day!