Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun Fall Times

I love Fall time!

Well, we had a fun weekend in J'boro.

Jules, Stephen and Anna K. came Friday night and stayed with us. (The boys had a big time at Ole Miss with Daddy and Ms. Connie. I hear they sat behind the team and Houston talked to each of them.)

Saturday night Diana, Rick, Micah and Tabby came and we ate at Fuji. They came to the house and took a grand tour. While Rand gave them the tour, I went to the fair to tear down the hospital booth and didn't get home until the wee hours of the night. I am SO glad the fair is over! Whew.

Sunday, Rand got an itch for a new front door, so he went and got one. He is always doing something. I get an itch for shoes or a purse...he gets an itch for a door. Really though. I wouldn't trade him though. I love that he is my big ole handy man and no one elses!

I hope your fall time is starting off fun and relaxing!



Michael said...

For all these years I had no idea your Dad was such a huge Ole Mrs. fan. Tell him that Houston is right where he belongs and ask him if the honeymoon is over yet after getting beat by Vandy. At least everyone expects Arkansas to get beat by everyone and their dog this year, but it seem Ole Mrs. fans have been drinking the Houston koolaid a little too much... Hotty Totty! They'll get tired of him in due time. Thos kids need to have a better role model than Dale.

Sisters said...

Collyar, you seem a tad bit bitter. Don't let it eat you up...take a deep breath, it will be alright, I promise!

And...I hope Bob doesn't read this because he is liable to rip you a new one. He LOVES Houston Dale.


Anonymous said...

No, Abby. I will let young Michael slide. He does not realize that right now Vandy is very good and Ole Miss turned the ball over too much to beat anyone.
Houston Nutt won 18 games the past two years at Arkansas. It'll be a while before the "Mayflower Man"
(he moves alot) will top that.
I just pitty the "little people" who slam away at good folks and good familes like the Nutts. They didn't do it to just Houston..but also to the man who put "the Razorbacks on the Map...Coach Broyles. The castle has crumbled up there. The yuppies are running the show and the 'Hog has fallen".
Hotty Toddy.And,I was a hog for 37 years until the idiots ran off two of the best things to ever happen up there.
Yes, Abby the boys had a great time at the game. I did not try to influence them in any way. Just let them have a good time.

Yo Daddy

Sisters said...

We will be having none of this Houston Nutt controversy on our blog....we are feel good, lovey people...let's refrain from the above.


Anonymous said...

Sam says to tell all of you: "Go LSU TIGERS" :)


Lindsey Watson said...

i love your love for fall!!! because i have the same love for it that you do! the crisp air, the beautiful leaves, the smell of people's fire places burning....LOVE IT!!!! :) i'm coming to visit you this year! i AM, no matter what car trouble or house repairs i have to make!!! :)