Friday, September 19, 2008

Playing catch up

Today I am taking the boys to spend the weekend with my dad. We are meeting half-way(well, almost half-way.) They are going to go to their first Ole Miss football game EVER! Samuel is so excited. David and Daniel aren't as excited. The are just glad to be going and spending time with Grandaddy and Ms. Connie. I will tell you that David took a book to last weeks Star City High football game-AND READ IT! I have asked him to please not take a book with him to the Ole Miss game, there is no reason to give Grandaddy a heart attack right there in the stands.
I will run and pick them up Sunday after church, then run to Little Rock to pick up my Duck Duck Goose consignment sale check, and run back home to go to church for our second revival service. Sounds like fun, except that everytime I said run in that sentence it means an hour and a half. Yes, I will be guzzling some gas Sunday!

Wednesday's post was all about me. I wrote about the car accident I had while pregnant with Samuel. Wednesday was also the anniversary of my Papaw's death. He died when I was 13, so it has been 25 years now. Papaw was a great man. He always made me feel like I was the most special person around (and being the only grandaughter for 7 years I was! HA!). I have so many stories I could tell you. When I was giving the boys their "this day in history" lesson Wed I told them about Papaw, that he was a brave soldier, a loving grandfather, and a God-fearing man. A man that it was an honor to know and love. For those of you that remembered, Abby and I did too. Even though I am writing this, Abby feels the same way. I hate that she didn't know him for as long as I did.

We received news this morning that a church member of ours from Leachville died in the night. She was more than a church member to us really. We called her Nana, just like all of her grandkids, she made us feel like part of the family. She was a spit-fire. Red-headed, petite, feisty, loving, and always ready to give a hug.
Stephen started his duck-hunting career because of her husband and grandsons(I forgave them a long time ago!) She would cook breakfast for them early in the morning before they would hunt. By early I mean 4:00 AM. AM!! I didn't even wake up to know Stephen had left the house, and she was frying eggs and making biscuits! She received a special jewel in her crown this morning just for that!
Tracy, Dana, girls, Jill, James Lee, Shawn, Eva, and the rest of the Webb clan, we are grieving this loss with you. Thank you for sharing her with us.



Sledge said...

what a wonderful lady she was...tell the boys that I will forgive them for going to the Ole Miss but remember that Mississippi State is better! ha =)