Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You Volunteered Me For What?

Because it is my birthday week, I can vent and stand on my soapbox.
Here goes:
Don't volunteer people for non-profit or civic organizations without asking them if it is okay!
If you know me well, you know that most of my young career has taken place in non-profit organizations and I have learned that you don't volunteer your time, talents or treasures for things unless you are passionate about the cause. I am an advocate for this belief and know that burning your candle at both ends because you can't say "no" is not how we are suppose to use the 3 T's (listed above).
Also, if you can't say "no", don't volunteer someone else for the job and not tell them. There is nothing like getting phone calls and emails from all these places telling you your responsibilities and you are like " Wha, WHAT?!"
Don't be tacky. Say "no" with confidence if you don't want to be involved... and NEVER volunteer someone else for a job you are not willing to do yourself.

I feel much better..... ahhhhhhhh. It is 8:25 am on the 3rd day of MY birthday week and I am cranky...not cool, my friends, not cool! Thanks for letting me vent a bit here in blogland.



Anonymous said...

Has the guy called you yet about the fund raiser for Post Nasal Drip Society. I told them you'd be happy to furnish the kleenex when runners pass the finish line in three-legged race. Hope you didn't mind.