Saturday, September 27, 2008

Busy with a wedding

I don't know about you, but I have been busy today. We have cleaned out our garage, and attended a wedding, all without changing clothes! Sound fun? You betcha!!!

This morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw that one of our neighbors had decorated her backyard for a wedding. I was so excited!

I love a wedding!

There were chairs, floral arrangements on the trees and little bows on the chain link fence that separates her yard from ours. Stephen and I got a little nervous when we realized that we should have mowed the yard and moved the trampoline and swingset to make the view from the folding chairs prettier. But we didn't know about the wedding and decided not to make a big scene trying to get our yard pretty for it. After all, they hadn't mowed their yard recently either.

As the wedding drew near, I would sneak a peak from around our garage (which we were cleaning out). To the decor in the wedding yard, they added 2 candelabras with alternating mint green and royal blue candles, royal blue and turquoise streamers and a white sheet for the bride to walk on when she walked down the aisle. (Daniel said he thought it was a slip and slide mat!)

It was going to be quite a show!

I went and sat on my patio at about 10 minutes before 2:00. The wedding was to start at 2:00. I told Abby that I could have gone as a guest in my sweats and Bulldog t-shirt as the dress code was very-casual, possibly come-as-you-are-on-Saturday attire.

The guests finally sat down as it was time for the groom to make his entrance. While the groom came down the side aisle (there was decorum. He didn't walk on the white sheet!) the guests were talking and telling jokes (some of them not so clean!) Then the groom left to go back in the house. I got scared, I thought he was bolting! But he came back out after a minute or two.

Then at 2:15, after many people had come out the door, the bride made her appearance. To the sounds of Celine Dion singing "Power of Love" she walked down the aisle in her beautiful white dress and veil. She looked so pretty. Which just goes to show you that a bride is always beautiful, even if in a backyard.

At 2:18 the wedding was over. OVER! Can you believe it? A 3 minute wedding! It took her that long to get down the aisle!

I was so upset. It was the shortest wedding this side of Vegas.

Stephen tried his best to shame me from watching the neighborhood wedding, but to no avail. I was determined to watch the festivities, and it turns out so was he. He watched from our bedroom window. So romantic. We don't get to sit by each other at weddings very often, because he is either presiding over them, or singing. So it was romantic for us, as we sat, alternating between the bedroom window and the patio.



Sisters said...

I hate I missed it in person. The play-by-play, via phone, was so exciting, I can't imagine being there in person. I love a backyard wedding!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud!!! You are toooo funny! You are officially a wedding crasher!


Susan Pruitt said...

Ok, #1 who's house was this at?

#2 You are so funny! If I would have been there, I would have came and watched with you.

#3 We seen Jeremy tonite and was so mad because Pastor Stephen (I just like calling him that) didnt tell him we were at Hector. He told us he had been praying for us in funny. Atleast he was praying for us.

hsmomma5 said...

What a funny story! I am still cracking up over what little bit I heard about your "convention" story! I do love a laugh!