Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Toilet Tale

Talking about toilets is most unromantic and a little off color, but I must.

We are in renovation mode in both of our bathrooms. We were not replacing either toilet until we were ready to do the floor and the walls behind the toilet. Randall saw no need to keep uninstalling and reinstalling toilets. So, bleach became my good friend, while wearing a face mask and gloves up to my elbows.

You see, this house was not lived in for about a year and the water had sat stagnant for all that time. I also believe they were left "unkept" when the previous owners vacated the house. You can only imagine my horror. Ms. Clean Jeans here, dealing with unruly commodes...ghastly!

Well, the hall bathroom is near completion (Hallelujah! I will post pics later this week once it is all jazzed up) and we were able to put in a new toilet. (I never thought putting in a toilet would call for such a celebration). We realized we needed a bone colored toilet after we got the new toilet home. So, I had to take the toilet back to Lowes and get the darker color.

Nothing screams embarrassment until the lady at the return counter says "A lady needs help with a toilet in the loading zone. A lady needs help with a toilet in the loading zone." I wanted to crawl under the truck and just die. Just. Die!

I got the bone colored American Standard home ( Did you know they sell toilets in pieces and they are VERY expensive? Craziness.) and my plumber of a husband put it in. It was like having a new car, almost.

Last night I got very ill for some reason and was so happy to have my very own toilet to vomit in. I know that sounds gross, and some of you are like " Abby Jo, we raised you better than this!", but you know there is much comfort in being sick in your own bathroom. Am I right? I thought so.

It is now my very own bathroom and I am doing a little " happy, happy, joy, joy" toilet dance today. And yes, I am feeling much better. I think my grilled chicken did not get grilled to perfection last night because the grill master was wearing his plumber hat yesterday!

Well, I am off to work on closets today, while Randall Wayne uses his new pressure washer to clean siding and gutters. Fun times! It is actually starting to resemble a home. I wish Julie would post the video she took so you could see the before (her video) and after. Maybe she will do that this week when she gets home.



Anonymous said...

I am just sooooo very proud of you, Rand and your new toilet.
Love you