Thursday, September 25, 2008

Familiar Faces and Places

"what a relief it is to see your friendly smile. It is like seeing the smile of God!"
Genesis 33:10

Last week I was desperate for familiarity. I like it here and I am meeting nice people, yet their is something to be said for comfort and familiarity. With a new job, remodeling a home and learning a new town, new faces, routines, etc...I was in BIG need of some of my "homies". Melissa's visit wet my appetite for familiar faces. I just loved being with her. It felt so comfy.

Jules, Stephen and Anna called me last Friday morning and surprised us with a visit. Then, Diana and her crew surprised us with a visit on Saturday. I was on cloud nine when I started this new week. God hears the cry of his children, I know that is fo' sho!

Well, it just gets better.....Mama and Aunt Suzy are going to be in Memfrica on Friday night to fly to Canada on Saturday. I decided to trot on over there after work tomorrow night to spend the night with them and visit. It is Mama's birthday this weekend also. It will be a fun girlie time.

Then, I get to eat breakfast with Daddy, Connie, my sweet Cuz, Hollye Ann and little Claire Allyn. We will then take a family field trip to Ross because it is my favorite store and I am in need of a Ross Dress for Less fix! (There will be no whining from Daddy or can sit in the car!)

To top it all off.....I get to eat lunch with Sassy! Mrs. Carolyn, my dearest friend is meeting me for a sandwich before I head back home on Saturday. I could shout for joy at all the love.

I laugh at how I never saw anyone when we lived in Byhalia and now we see our "peoples" all the time. God is so good to bring us to this place at this time.

Thank you God for familiar faces, hugs, laughter and encouragement from all these sweet people.

P.S. Next weekend we get to see the Smart's (our old neighbors and dear friends) and eat at Bonefish....really, my heart may just explode, if my stomach doesn't first!



Trish said...

Good for you! I am so happy for you! God is good! Love ya girl!

Anonymous said...

and if you could see your favorite aunt... things would be complete!!!


Sisters said...

Yes, completion would be met if I could see I miss the crystal candy dish, comfy couch and that sweet smile that is always on your face when I walk into your back door. I love you~

Anonymous said...

I am not going to whine. Last time I was hostage and taken to Ross' with you I found a nice NIKE
mock turtle for 8 bucks. Can't get any better than that.
Drive carefully, my child.

Yo Daddy

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls, today is your late grandmother's 87th birthday.
I have had "flashbacks" several times this morning about things Wilma said and did that made me love her so much.
Back in the 60s we teens had a saying, "greazy". It meant your clothes weren't preppy or cool.
Well, one day I came in from school and MOM pulled the plastic cover off a new suit from Goldsmiths and announced, with pride, that she had bought me a new suit. I took one look at it and said, "Mother, I'm not going to wear that, its greazy." She told me, "Well, it better not have any grease on it...I just bought it and brought it straight home."
That's my WILMA ! !