Monday, September 29, 2008

We've Been Tagged

Green Acres has tagged the Sisters.
Here it is. We are to refer to 6 of the blogs we read, while telling a random thing about ourselves in each one. Make sense?

You are to guess the 6 blogs. We will post the answers later in the week.

1. There is nothing like a cow patty. When we were young, our grandfather's church in west Tennessee had a scavenger hunt for the young people. One of the things we had to collect was a cow patty! Our group only took a picture of it though. It was our first real exposure to country life and we wanted no part of it look at us!

2. Being the mom of a teenager is not easy. Samuel is beginning to show signs of adolescence. I am scared! I had to convince him that humans are mammals today...can I just tell you how uncool that was for him and for me!

3. A short German visit is always fun. We had a German exchange student live with us for 3 weeks one time. We learned so much and taught her a lot too. Mama taught her how to wear deodorant!

4. Adoption of a child is so precious. What a blessing that God adopted us into his family, no strings attached. Red, yellow, black and white, we are all precious in His sight!

5. Bobby Petrino. Whew, it is a long season! Not much else to say about that. We are going to the Ole Miss/Arkansas game and sitting on the Ole Miss side with the Nutt clan. Don't throw rocks at us, please! We still bleed Razorback fear!

6. The Welcome Wagon is the coolest. Abby had the welcome wagon in Jonesboro visit her work and give her a sack of stuff. It reminded us of Where the Heart is and that big old truck she drove....I believe her name was Sister Husband. Funny.

So, can you guess any of the blogs mentioned here? All of them came from the blogroll on the sidebar. If you think one of them is you...well ,"Tag-You're it!!"

We will reveal the answers later in the week. Let us know what you think.


Posh Mommy said...

What is the prize?

Sisters said...

Personal Satisfaction...that is the prize.

Anonymous said...

Pertaining to #5: Connie and I look forward so much to having you two girls, Randall, and the three boys with us at the game. Our only sorrow is that the "Right Reverend Stephen Beavers" will not be there to "curse" the "Right Reverend Houston Nutt". Our prayers are with Stephen and his attitude in that area.
And, you should in your blog, tell the entire story that the tickets you are going to the game with came free from "MR. FOOTBALL HIMSELF", Coach Nutt.
Yes, there will be a massive spilling of Razorback BLOOD that day.
Love you, YO Daddy !

Matt and Jolee said...

Hmmm... could I be #3?!!

Matt and Jolee said...

Or, it could be Terri since she just visited here....

Green Acres said...

Ok, I am laughing so hard right now, because you had to collect a cow patty for a scavenger hung??!! Now that is something I've never heard.