Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Lady of Lesiure Speak Out

Being a lady of leisure has its perks but for the most part, I don't like it. I honestly don't know how people stay at home all the time and don't go insane in the membrane. If I had kids, I would understand and might like the time, but I have no kids, no pets, no dependants. My house plants are the closest thing I have to being a dependant.
I guess if I was rooty tooty and played tennis at the club in my cute little skirt set and then went to lunch with my uppity friends in my Range Rover, it would be enjoyable...but no such luck with all that. I am a middle class ball cap wearing white girl, in Nike shorts, a t-shirt and worn out Reef flip-flops, while driving down the road in my Nissan most days of the week.

Rand and Jules tell me I am starting to look a tad white trash with my lack of upkeep, but really? Is there a need to waste make-up and energy on getting dressed for nothing? I love not knowing anyone and not having to worry that I look horrible when I go into stores. It is such a free feeling. I am appreciating the days of not having to care about how I look because I know we will soon meet people and run into them a lot. Image will be important then, of course because Jonesboro is a somewhat snotty community ( I do say that with much respect because I do appreciate playing the society game with the best of them, when and if I have to). So, why not live up the white trash life while I can, Ay?! (In my best Canadian accent, of course)

Seriously though, if you stay at home all day, do you get dressed for the day? I am curious to know if I really do have an appearance problem or if I am normal in my overly casual attire. I am starting to get a little worried because everytime Anna sees herself in a hat she says "I look like Aunt Abby" and laughs.

I do hope these days are numbered though. Elastic waistbands are deceiving until you put on regular pants....ouch!



Anonymous said...

You have seen me on my good days and probably alot of my bad. I personally really hate make-up. It seems to make me sweat more and yes I said sweat. I am a country girl who believes that your real self is best. Did GOd put you in make-up when you were born? I don't think so. Natural is best!!!
Love you,

Terri said...

Too funny! I'm with you. If I'm not going anywhere, I'm definitely not making any effort to get dolled up. Plus I hate make-up, so any excuse not to put it on works for me. Though my mom and sis completely disagree with me and get ready regardless. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Mandy said...

Now that it is summer break, I don't get all dolled up unless I am going out of the house!! As for staying home all of the time....I'm with ya!! I couldn't do it either, and I do have kids!! Oy!!