Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Learning to Cherish

Not everyone has experienced moving away from a place they love that is also surrounded by people they love. For those of us that have, it is a tough deal. I have done it twice now and each time has been different, yet the same.
I left Fort Smith in 2001 the day after my cousin Sarah got married (Aunt J, do you see the irony in this?) to do an internship at St. Jude during my summer break, and I never returned home to live after that. I had lived off at college for years but Fort Smith was my home. I was born there and all my roots were planted firmly right there in the Fort. I felt like a little butterfly leaving its cacoon.
Now, in 2008 I am leaving the Memfrica area for Jonesboro. I have started my career here, met and my husband, buried my Meemaw, built a home with my husband, learned to eat slaw on bbq pork sandwiches, made precious friends, and bonded closely with my Memphis People.

Learning to cherish and not cling has been a hard lesson, but one I have learned this time around. I want to share this awesome book for those of you who might also be in this season of your life. It is called After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller and it is incredible!
Julie gave it to me to read. It was given to her by her two dear girlfriends in Leachville, when she had to move away. Please read the article linked to the book title (above), it will bless your transition, I promise!



Anonymous said...

Yes, Abby Jo, I do see! I'll try to consult with you before any future weddings!!!

Love you and hope you find happiness in your new surroundings.

See you soon!!!