Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here are a few tidbits from my life.

** I had the kids pictures taken today. They were so cute and acted better than they ever have. I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out, I'll be sure and share with ya'll!

** I bought a brand new pair of Arizona swim trunks for Samuel and a pair of leather Keds that looked VERY new for a total of $5.45 at my local resale store. YAY!!!!

** One of Samuel's teammates last night asked if D&D were twins. I told him yes, and then in all of his 10 year old wisdom he said "but they have different shirts on." I once again told him that they were indeed twins, even though they had different shirts on. And then another teammate in all of his 10 year old wisdom says "Duh, they're fraternal twins!" Apparently it doesn't matter about your DNA, you can tell if they are identical or fraternal twins by the clothes they have on.

** I am going to be packing for the 6 of us for next week. Stephen and I will be going to the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis and the kiddos will be heading to Fort Smith. But don't think that we will stop going to the pool in the afternoon just so I can pack. Oh no, the main thing is still the main thing!

** Bath and Body works is having their big June sale. Make sure you make a run for the store. I forgot about it when I was in town Monday, so I am asking Stephen to go for me when he is in town today. I hope he will go, they have shower gel and creamy body wash for $3 today.

** This goes with the last tidbit. I live in a small town, we have restaurants, Freds, Dollar General and a grocery store, but when we go to a larger town(a city-I guess) we call it going to town. It's official I am a small town girl!

** Did anyone watch The Mole Monday night? We love that show. I think I know who it is, but I can't remember her name. I'll tell you next week.

** I am so excited about being alone with my husband for 5 days I can hardly stand it!!!!!

Well thats all I have. I don't want to bore you to bad!!



Will and Heather said...

Yea to David...I know you and Stephen are so proud!! I'm jealous...I want some alone time with my husband! =) Have a great week next week...I know you'll miss your kids too!

Sisters said...

I can't wait to frame a picture for my new house!

Matt & Jolee said...

Isn't it funny how we crave some alone time and then all we do is talk about our kids while away from them? ha! Enjoy.