Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got a phone!

Yes, it is true! I am the proud owner of a cell phone.

I know it is 2008 and everyone over the age of 12 has a cell phone, but for various reasons, I was not the proud owner of one.

Stephen and I bought our first cell phone in the spring of 1997 when I was pregnant with Samuel. Stephen decided we needed one, or I needed one, because I was pregnant and might have an emergency situation (I guess). So, we bought one and Stephen carried it. I know-it makes no sense. Fast forward to Sept 17, 1997-I have a wreck, total Stephens truck, on the way to work and DON'T HAVE THE PHONE! I couldn't get a hold of Stephen and ended up sending my friend Jill to drive around town to find him. He didn't have the phone either, it was at home!

We haven't really been cell phone people. We understand the need for one, Stephen has always had one for work, but doesn't always keep it charged. (And yes, that is VERY maddening when I am trying to get a hold of him!) I have just shared his.

Well back in February when the kids and I went to Ft Smith when Stephen was in New Orleans, his Dad bought me a tracphone-you know, pay as you go-so that I wouldn't be on the road without a phone. What a great guy. I have always referred to it as a fake phone. Because I don't want anyone calling me on it, since I have to pay for every minute, and there are no free times.

So, back to the story. Thursday at baseball practice, Stephen came late. When he got there I was on the bleachers, and he talked to me and then went onto the field with all the other dads. Then the phone behind me started ringing, and no one knew who it belonged to. So, I picked it up and noticed it was Stephen's phone number. I answered it thinking it was one of the coaches phones or something. When I answered it, Stephen says" Who is that wonderful guy that just bought you that phone?" It was very "My Best Friends Wedding"like.

So I have a Grizzly red razr phone! I love it, but I don't have texting on it. So I am taking up a collection to pay for the monthly $6.00 fee. Anyone game to help a girl out?

What a great hubby I have. I love you!!!!



Anonymous said...


Now you can run, but can't hide!


Mandy said...

Grizzly red! The best color! Can't take the grizzly out of the girl, can you? Welcome to 2008! :)

All About My Brother said...

Your emails are bouncing back to me on now that you have a new CELL PHONE..I haven't heard from you since June 5th..much too long, my friend.. clou