Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

A day late, but not forgotten!
Happy Father's Day to our funny, sweet, thoughtful and old Daddy!
We love our Ole Miss Rebel loving Daddy the biggest much!
Your beautiful, charming and most delightful Daughters


Anonymous said...

The two of you are beautiful, charming, and delightful and I thank God everyday for the two of you. Abby, I could tell when I left you in Byhalia this morning that it was not going to be easy for you to leave that drive-way for the final time. That's why I left before you. I wanted to not see you cry. I don't like to see either of "My ladies" cry unless they are tears of joy. You and Randall are "moving on up" just like "The Jeffersons". SO, enjoy the ride. I'd rather be in Jonesboro than "Memphrica" any day.
Golly Gee, Southaven is becoming little Memphrica.
All I can add to this diatribe is I am pulling for both of you, your husbands, your kids, and your kids yet to be born.
I send you the best of everything I can offer from the Magnolia State.
Wilma would be so proud to know that "Bobby is back Home". Go Rebels. My friend Houston Nutt sends his best to all of his friends in Arkansas (all six of them at last count...Ha!)

Love you,
Yo Daddy