Monday, June 9, 2008

We made it!!

We made it!
The kids are spending time with grandparents and enjoying themselves so much. I just hope the grandparents are enjoying it as much.

Stephen and I traveled through many airports yesterday and had a great time together. Last night we went to the pastors conference and it was really good. What good preachers we are privileged to hear.

I'm hoping to be able to share with you something that was said last night and how God spoke to me through it. I'm not so good with words, so we'll have to see.

We are just about to leave the hotel to go hear 12 sermons. 12 sermons. And the bookstore is open today! YAHOO!!!!!!! I just love it there!!! In fact last night when we talked to the kids after we got back to the hotel, they wanted to know if I had gone to the bookstore yet. Even Anna. They know me so well!!!!

Talk to ya'll later!



Sisters said...

Call me and tell me what all you get in your goodie bag/purse tomorrow. I am dying to know!

Anonymous said...

this grandparent had a wonderful time yesterday. the children were just perfect. loved it!!!!