Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Shots of the Move

The "Blue" Hydrangea
This beautiful pink (suppose to be blue, even with nails stuck in the ground all around it) flower was one of the first gifts Mrs. Rochelle gave me. I told her in a conversation that I loved blue hydrangeas because it reminded me of my Mawmaw's house when I was little. She remembered that and I came home one day to this sitting in my driveway.We planted it on her side of our house so she could see it bloom and grow. I am so glad it is blooming where she can see it and always remember our special friendship.

The Fridge

As we prepared to move into our house in 2004, Rand found this $1500 fridge for $500 at an appliance store in Memfricia. The box was damaged in shipping and they couldn't sell it in their showroom. It was our favorite prize in the house for a long time. We loved the deal we got and how it matched our appliances perfectly. It was even the same name brand! We left it with the new owners. This is my Rand with his fridge right before he left the house for the last time.

Closing the Door

I took this picture while closing the garage door for the last time. I thought it would be a great picture for my scrapbook. I can hear the door going down in my head as I type this. I loved that a few empty boxes are in the picture. Sort of symbolic, I think.

Welcome Home!

Rand about died when he saw that I took this picture on the bridge. (You know my driving record and this was on top of the mighty Mississippi - yikes!) I smiled as I crossed the bridge. I thought I would cry, but I didn't. I am thrilled about the opportunity to start fresh and set new goals, etc. There is something to be said for new beginnings.



Anonymous said...

So proud of you Abby. Welcome back to Arkansas! I love you very much.


Mandy said...

Welcome back home!!

Anonymous said...

I feel like my kids have moved home even though we are in Florida for the week. Maybe in the future y'all can come with us. Looking forward to next week.
Love ya,

Matt & Jolee said...

Cute pictures and post. Enjoy AR for me!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to leave a place you have become very comfortable with.. but it is also good to "Go back home" and put down new roots.
I will always love the GREAT STATE OF ARKANSAS...But I now feel at home "BACK HOME IN MY NATIVE MISSISSIPPI."


Stacey Meredith said...

Thank you Abby for your encouragement. Although Atoka hasn't been my favorite place to live I have loved our first home.

Reading your blog has brought tears to my eyes!

Thank you also for a very special blog. We'll be thinking about you...oh...and JD's cousin works at Lowe's in Jboro. Go by and say hi. He's expecting you. He is in the cabinet department and he has a long mustache and his name is Chuck. I told him my friend Abby might come by to say hello. He's been married a year and recently moved there too with his wife Laura.

Love you girl - miss you too. Coming back to work without you here felt weird. It's been a pretty good week though...considering!

Stacey - xoxoxoxo

Lindsey Watson said...

i currently have a pink hydrangea that i want to stay pink, but fear it will turn blue because all hydrangeas i see in conway are blue.....maybe i will have to stick nails in my dirt.

congrats on the move! i am so excited for you! love you tons.