Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another tooth lost!

After Bible School last night, Daniel pulled his tooth out. His first tooth! We were so excited.

It was the tiniest baby tooth I've ever seen. On his way to the truck, the tooth fell out of the kleenex it was in. And it is lost, LOST!

We looked for that tooth in the dark on the black asphalt parking lot and could NOT find it. But Samuel to the rescue- he assured Daniel that the tooth fairy would still come. And that made everything better.

Until this morning when Daniel came and woke me up and said "The tooth fairy didn't leave me anything, not even a penny." Oh, that tooth fairy! Well, it turns out that when I went in his room with my hand in a tightly held fist(full of something!), Daniel found the money the tooth fairy had left him. It had fallen out from underneath his pillow! Can you believe it? You better, because it happens just about ALL the time the tooth fairy comes (or just forgets and goes to bed without thinking another thing about it!)

Congrats Daniel! This has been quite a week for you!


Anonymous said...

I do believe that the Tooth Fairy who sees to southern Arkansas is afflicted with Dementia or something quite similar. Would you please talk to him (I try not to talk to fairies) and tell him to do a better job seeing to my grandchildren.

Maternal Grandfather of Anna, Daniel, David, and Sam (alphabetically)

Gay said...

Everytime this song comes up on your blog, I cry. "If I Could Touch the Hem".....

Mandy said...

Ha! Glad to know the tooth fairy does that at someone else's house too!!! :)