Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kiss An Angel Good Morning

Last night I watched an old Grand Ole Opry special. Charlie Pride was featured singing his signature song and it made me laugh out loud, literally.
If you had the privilege of knowing my Meemaw, you knew she was the definition of a true southern belle and quite prissy. Oh, I miss making her laugh. My Aunt Babs says that I brought out a side of Meemaw like nobody else. I loved it and love the memory of making her laugh at my nonsense.

So, the point: I know!
On one of her bus trips to Branson with the senior adults from church, she saw Charlie Pride in concert. She always called when she got home and this time was most memorable. Oh, to hear her voice when she called and asked Daddy, "Bob, did you know that Charlie Pride is a black man?!" ( If you knew her, you can hear her in your mind...isn't it hilarious?! ) It is one of our funniest Meemaw memories of all time.

Don't you love how the simplest memories of those we love so dearly can evoke laughter. Anytime anyone in our family sees Charlie Pride or hears his infamous song, we are instantly reminded of Meemaw and usually laugh out loud because it is still so funny.



Sisters said...

Stephen and I say it to each other. It makes us laugh so hard. I wish I knew Charlie Pride, I bet he would laugh just as hard!!!!