Friday, June 13, 2008

We're home!! This post is loaded!

We made it home, all of us, safely. Thank you, God.

I never take traveling lightly. I guess since we haven't lived in a town with a Walmart for 13 1/2 of our almost 15 years of marriage and we have had to travel 30 miles one way to get our groceries I have asked God many times to post angels at all sides of our vehicles. I did that again yesterday as Stephen and I traveled by plane to Little Rock, and my children traveled by car there to meet us. We all arrived safely and on time.

Because of the 50 pound limit for each piece of luggage, Stephen had to do a little reshuffling of "stuff" to get both bags to weigh less than 50 lbs. Have I ever told you what a great packer he is? I mean truly one of the greatest packers I know. And I only know 2. My mother and Stephen.

I received SO many books from the wives luncheon on Tuesday, and we had accumulated magazines, brochures, and just stuff that we were a little nervous that we wouldn't be able to get so much stuff to just weigh a total of 100 lbs. But we did! Wow!

It was such fun to see the kids again. They, of course, looked like they had grown a few inches in the 5 days since we had seen them. What good kids they are. I know they are rambunctious, rowdy at times, but they have good hearts and loving spirits. You just can't beat that!

So, today I am doing laundry. Not the kids laundry, Charlie had everything cleaned, and some things ironed. Way to go F-I-L!!! I'm folding clothes, catching up on everything that I missed out on the last few days. And while doing so, I am sweating!!! Yes, our air conditioner has frozen. I don't know how that is possible when it is so hot in here, but that is what Stephen says the problem is. Apparently the air conditioner got so cold it froze and can not cool our house! I know that isn't what happened, but it sounds like it!

Last night I sent Samuel to check out the pool, because when we drove by something didn't look right. And sure enough, there was a sign that said it was closed until the 17th! UGH! We were so looking forward to spending a quiet day by the pool. Well, everyone but Samuel.

Samuel made the all-star team again this year. This is his 3rd all-star team to be on. We are so proud of his accomplishments. We have a tournament game tonight and tomorrow. Stephen doesn't allow Samuel to swim before tournament games. Its the pits for Samuel, but its just a couple of times a year!

Can you believe it? The life guard just called and said the pool is opening tomorrow! We won't be able to swim tomorrow, but we will on Sunday! Yay!!!!

We got the results from Samuel's Iowa test that he took back in March. We were both really nervous about the test since we weren't sure what material would be covered on the test. We prayed about it and Samuel did his best. And boy did he ever! He scored WAY above his grade level in reading and way above his grade level in math. Thank you God again! You are an amazing, amazing God. I pray that I will also praise you and know that you are amazing in times that aren't as good as these.

Well, thats all I can think of right now. I think I'm going to take a shower and cool off a bit.


Sisters said...

Ever wonder why no one comments on our posts? Especially this is LOADED with info and congrats are in order for Sambo and for you because you are a great teacher!
Anyway, it's odd,I think.

Thanks to those of you who comment from time to time. We like to know who is reading (or lurking for that matter).

Mandy said...

Hey, Julie, just getting to catch up! Great test scores is quite a feat for Samuel AND you!! The Iowa is tougher than the SAT 10 that most other public schools take! Great job!! Glad you enjoyed your conference! I bet it was nice to get away- just the two of you!