Thursday, July 31, 2008

Am I Clinic Bound?

Do you ever just cry a spell to relieve stress or am I the only weird one in the group?

I am loving the new job, enjoying the excitement of our potential new home, enjoying the new relationships I am building and trying to decide who has the best veggie pizza in town, yet I am overwhelmed by all of it. Does that make sense?

Yesterday I got so overwhelmed and exhausted from all the decisions and newness, that I went into our bathroom when I got home and cryed a very large spell. It made me feel TONS better. Now, I am worried that Mama might need to check me into the clinic! (Or as Sally Fields in Steel Magnolias and my Mama both refer to it, "The Guidance Center")

I want to know how you relieve good/happy stress? So, come on lurkers... comment!


Anonymous said...

Uh,Darling,in your first sentence you asked the question:"Am I the only weird one in the group?"
Well, since you asked I feel it is necessary to answer...Your sister and I are in agreement that
"Yes, you are pretty weird" !

New job with more money than you've ever made, a new hometown outside of the Memfrica metro area and the possibility of a wonderful new home.
Just get with the program and as Coach Ray used to tell us guys at "The Haven": "Don't ever let 'em see you sweat" !

Love you loads,
Yo Daddy

Matt & Jolee said...

If you're weird, then I'm weird with you! Have you read my post lately? I cried for a whole day the other day. I just couldn't stop. Though, my family and friends will tell you I cry at the drop of a pen, which is true. Like you, I felt much better the following day. It's just gotta come out sometime, huh?!

Lindsey Watson said...

girl, sometimes i cry when NOTHING is going on.....good or bad. i just cry. that's not weird. that's female. and yes, it is probaly why men think we are crazy, but it's part of life!! :) so, you just march yourself into that bathroom and cry if it makes you feel better!!!