Sunday, July 27, 2008

Siloam Bound!

Tomorrow we leave for church camp.
Did you notice there was not an exclamation point at the end of that sentence?
I don't like camp. I don't like the smell of the room. I don't like having to share showers and toilets with strangers, or people outside of my family. I don't like being hot and sticky. I don't like having to get up early in the morning. I don't like being away from the tv.
I haven't liked camp since I first went to Siloam when I was 8. It was hot, people were hyperventilating right and left, and I missed my parents soooo bad, and even Abby (but she was still a baby, not yet bugging me). And I really haven't liked it since then.
Stephen loves camp as much as I dislike camp. He thinks its a job perk (poor guy).
So, I'm off to camp. I get to stay in a semi-air-conditioned cabin that sleeps 3, but there will be 5 in it. Three of them will be mine, but one of the children in my cabin is not my own, and from what I hear a little rowdy. PRAY!!!
I do like one thing about camp. The worship. I love watching children worship. Seeing their faces when they understand that God loves THEM is something I don't want to miss. So I won't. I'll go, and I'll enjoy it.
Stephen will make me.
Pray for us, we'll need it.



Mandy said...

Julie-- New Life Ranch?! Yes, it was hot! Yes, people got carsick and hurled out of the back door of the bus. Yes, we slept too many of us in a room...But we made such good memories!!! But you have a point- I think it was the worship that made it so great!

Anonymous said...

Man, do I understand! Mom reminded me tonite about the time they had to come and get me from camp! I always like Kiamichi better because we had our own cabin and own cooks! There was nothing better than Peggy McDaniel and Marolyn Price cooking! I do remember the time they were standing on the table tops tho while Rev Paul Walker was shooting at the rats with a gun inside the cabin! Those were the days!

Will pray for a fun week for you!!


Sisters said...

I am glad you have not had to drive your van to the nurses cabin in the middle of the night (while jamming out to Amy Grant) because your little chubby sister had drank no water and loaded up on icees from the snack shack for 3 days, nor look for any warts in bunk beds. See, it could be could have to relive camp with me! So, Not cool.

Serisouly, Siloam is so awful. you must find another place to go to camp or insist they do some modern day renovations. I am feeling for you.

1 more day and you are south bound!


Sisters said...

Aunt J: Vicki cooked for us at Kimachi! Mother like times. I loved that place.