Monday, July 7, 2008

A Few Of My Favorite Things (Random) - Abby

This week we will post some of our favorite things. Some may be random (like this post), or some may be specific (food, clothes, people, etc). Enjoy, and may your week be filled with some of your favorite things!

Hanging of the Green
my most favorite day of the year at our home
the real "gut" kind with people you love/have history with
making both, the disposable and edible kinds
Vending Movie Rentals
Movie Cube at Kroger has all new releases for $1
Walking on the Beach
I love wet sand in my toes


Anonymous said...

Okay, what is up with you, your g-ma and Jules all having on the same dress? LOL!!!


Sisters said...

You are so smart, we are in the same dress! That is one of my favorite picures of pure "gut" laughter.

Lindsey Watson said...

i suddenly have the urge to burst into "girls in white dresses, with blue satin sashes...."