Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes, The Tag Is For Real...

...Here is the story:

Rand and I went to get our Drivers licences yesterday afternoon and the only thing left to tag in our new home state was his truck. I had tagged the car, boat and trailer earlier in the month. He always gets a DU (Ducks Unlimited) tag regardless, so I knew that was what he was going to pick out. In Arkansas the tags start with AB...and continue on with other letters and numbers.
We all know how rude the DMV ladies are, and our lady was no exception. As she was processing all his papers, I looked at her and said,
"Can you go check and see if you have a DU tag that has 1ABBY on it?" She looked at me as though I was crazy and you could almost see the smoke coming out of her ears. She got up. She went to the DU cabinet. She rejoices in cheer, "Oh, Girl..You ain't gonna believe this!" Then she holds it up...and there it was, in all its glory! She was my new found friend and she had the tag. Score!

Do you believe that the first DU tag in the stack was 1ABBY?? Even if we had not asked for it, he would have gotten it!!!!! Unreal. I am still laughing about it. He....well, not so much. He said he might as well put "Harass me" on his bumper! I love that man!



Anonymous said...

Oh my word!!!


Sisters said...

I know...isn't it something? (I can hear you saying "Oh My Word"...I miss you!)

Anonymous said...

Laughing Out Loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an absolute hoot!

Randall..... you didn't have a chance!!!


Mandy said...

This is hilarious!!!! My husband would be mortified too!!!

Matt & Jolee said...

Too funny!

Lindsey Watson said...

that is awesome!! so funny, but i can see randall rolling his eyes.