Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sleeping alone

Last night was the first night D&D have been separated for more than just a few hours. Stephen's dad is taking each of the boys for a 3 day trip to Ft Smith, and yesterday they came and got David, and dropped off Samuel.
D&D have spent the night apart only on vacation when we have been in one hotel room and the grandparents have been in another hotel room. And once over Christmas when Daniel went and stayed at my moms while the other kids slept at Stephens parents. They have not ever been separated for longer than one night. I was curious as to how things would go when they were separated.
David rode off with his little hand waving out the window. A little piece of me went off in that car too. Everything went on as normal the rest of the day. I took Samuel and Daniel to the pool, (that was weird because there were only 2 boys swimming and not 3.) But when it was time to go to bed and I went to tuck Daniel in on the top bunk of his and David's bunk beds, he asked"can I sleep in Samuel's room?" We took his sleeping bag into Samuel's room and laid it out and he slept there all night.
They haven't just not spent the night away from each other very often, but they have NEVER slept in a room by themselves before. Samuel and Anna do it all the time, but not D&D. This is a new experience for them, and I hope a great one.
It feels weird without David, something is really missing from our house. He comes back on Tuesday and then Daniel leaves for his trip. Saturday we get them all back to stay. I can't wait!!!!

ps. Abby wanted me to post a picture, but I am not doing it because it would take WAY to long to find the one I want to post and post it. So just imagine 2 cute little boys sleeping.


Sisters said...

My little heart melts when I picture Dave waving and Daniel taking his little sleeping bag in to Sambo's room. I LOVE THOSE BOYS!