Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

It feels so good to be back among you blog readers! I felt like I wasn't whole without the internet.
How can that be? I mean, I just got it at the house in January, and now when I am without it for 2 days(really just 1 day &3/4) I don't feel whole?
I read this one blog and she has taken the summer off from the computer. More power to her, but I love this thing! I love sharing my thoughts and weird family happenings with you, even though I don't know who you are because NO ONE COMMENTS ON MY POSTS!!!!
I have thought about this and cannot come up with a good reason except that people that read this blog don't relate to me and all my musings. Well, all I have to say about that is
TOO BAD!! Now that I have started this, I can't quit!
Nothing has really changed since the last time I was here. Today (the 4th), we are smoking a butt and some ribs, making ice cream and, yes you guessed it, going to the pool. The kids just aren't tired of it, and the back of my legs aren't as dark as the front of my legs! So, we will go to the pool.
Happy 4th ya'll


Anonymous said...

I am posting to your blog. I was so pleased with your letter today. and thank you for saying so many nice things about our wedding-reunion-class reunion-great granddaughter's birth weekend. We were really busy and you stayed beautiful and wonderful the whole time. love you, mamaw

Anonymous said...

I read you EVERY day and am sad when I have to go to bed without an update on the Beavers/Lee families! You always make me smile!


Will and Heather said...

Happy 4th to ya'll! You missed the big fireworks show in Leachville...why couldn't they have done that when I was a kid! =)

Mandy said...

I completely understand the feeling of knowing people are reading, but not commenting!!! I'm just as curious as you are! Nothing like a smoked butt and ribs on the 4th! Yum!! The pool is just a given at my house- it's part of my kid's routine for the 4th!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just want all your friends and relatives to know that while I have been guilty of alot of things and even accused of some I am not guilty of..... I have never taught you and your sister or condoned either of you SMOKING A BUTT ! !

Yo Daddy

Anonymous said...

I think that is the funniest thing I have ever read, Mr. Skutt!!!