Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Recap from J'Boro

It sounds like my sister had a fun and exciting weekend with the smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs and the rainy trip to the zoo. Poor Anna thinking it was a circus place...she cracks me up and is SOOOOO my child. Anyway, I can't report on a smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs nor a rainy trip to the zoo/circus. We kept it pretty quiet this weekend in our little apartment.
We looked for a house (no such luck...the housing market is the pits in J'boro...inflated, BIG time), hiked at Craighead Forest, shopped for walking/running shoes and workout shorts (SCORE...good buys), visited the Starbucks in Target (my not so fav store) because that is the only real Starbucks in J'boro (unreal, really), watched a few movies from the Movie Cube (we love the vending machine movie invention), Scrapbooked a tad bit and witnessed a fabulous fireworks display in our new town from our car in the Curves parking lot (we love avoiding crowds).
I hope your weekend was restful, fun and happy.



Anonymous said...

It does look like there were more pluses than minuses in J'boro this weekend. That is a good sign. hope today goes good for you.